6 Ways to Fix Resume Formatting Mistakes and Save Space

28 August 2022 —

Your CV should be as short as possible and contain only the necessary and relevant information about the job you are applying for.

1. Remove all unnecessary details

Your CV should be as short as possible and contain only the necessary and relevant information about the job you are applying for. Religion, home address, social security number, unrelated social media accounts, puffy personal details have no place in your resume. Unnecessary details form the head of CV error logic.

2. Check for grammar and spelling errors

Did you know that grammar and spelling mistakes can ruin your job hunt? This is the most revealing mistake you can make, especially when praising yourself for being a “perfectionist” or paying attention to detail.

3. Feel free to use keywords

If you are applying for a job, it should have some keywords in it. Keywords can be anything from phrases that describe skills to concepts related to industry qualifications. These are important for employers to see because it shows them that you understand what you need to have for the role and industry.

4. Don’t use boring language

If you want to make a good impression, you will need a positive attitude. Speak positively about your qualities and avoid negative words and connotations. For example, if you have an unfinished degree, you should be able to say ‘I did not complete the course’. Also, avoid using complex language. Use simple language that can be understood quickly.

5. Make sure you choose the right format and design

Identifying the right CV format is the key to success. Each CV type serves a different purpose and you should adjust it to your career needs. To do this, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve in your job application. Depending on the circumstances, you will need to choose the most appropriate format that best presents your qualifications.

6. Avoid false information

A survey confirmed that more than half of employers find lies in a CV. Most candidates make the mistake of making a CV mistake by adding some embellishments to their abilities, responsibilities, work dates, job titles and academic degrees, so they lie. It may be tempting to exaggerate your qualities, but it’s not pretty. Plus, there are some real consequences for providing inaccurate information on your CV. Not only will you lose your chances of getting a job, but you could be fired in the future if you find out you weren’t honest.

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