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8 September 2022 —

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by people around the world today. People actively use the internet in their job search processes.

Unemployment is one of the biggest problems faced by people around the world today. People actively use the internet in their job search processes. Therefore, there are many job search sites in the digital environment. At this point, people who cannot decide which site to use are wondering which are the best job search sites.

In the past, people used to go to the places they wanted to work and leave their resumes. But with the development of technology, this situation has almost completely disappeared. In the first stage, job search sites were established and paper waste was prevented. Because people have started to share their resumes over the internet. In this way, job interviews started to take place almost entirely in the digital environment.

People who have not yet searched for a job on the internet may have difficulties in this process. People can’t decide which sites to browse in the first place. We have listed the best job search sites for you today:


Linkedin is the largest site where job seekers and employers meet since 2002. Thanks to the site, you can contact professionals and corporate companies. You can also regularly update your profile on the site and tell about your successes. The information in your profile will be a good CV for employers. It may be difficult for you to contact employers at first. However, it is said to be the most effective way to get in touch with the best companies over time.

The website is Turkey’s largest job posting site and has thousands of job postings. You can see job postings related to your field and areas of expertise with a few clicks. Company information, position, etc. It is also very easy to get information about many situations. After you apply, company officials review your resume. If you are suitable for the position, they contact you via the site or phone number. has been serving in the job search / employer sector since 2005. It has more than three hundred thousand companies / firms. Therefore, your chances of finding a job will increase significantly. Usually there are postings for blue collar workers. Cleaning, waiter, security, worker etc. If you want to work in the fields, you can apply to this site. Video resume, smart sorting, etc. It is possible to go one step ahead when looking for a job with its features.


Indeed is one of the largest job posting sites in the world. I can say that it is the most comprehensive and advanced among job search portals. When you enter the site, you can review the advertisements specific to your education. You can apply with one click and view the result on the site. 250 million unique visitors monthly proves the size of the site. You can also search for company information on the site.

Yenibiriş is among the local sites. Almost one of the oldest job posting sites. However, its interface and complexity make the site difficult to use. However, the large number of job postings and the ability to search for the position make it one of the best job posting sites. Education, healthcare, retail, sales etc. It will be easier for you to review job postings with many categories. If you are looking for a job, you should definitely take a look at the site.

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