Social Media Manager Resume and Cover Letter Examples

4 July 2022 —

Social media, which has been very active lately, has become an industry and has created new business areas. Social Media Manager has become one of the most popular business areas in social media industry but what is a Social Media Manager and what do they do?

Social media, which has been very active lately, has become an industry and has created new business areas. Social Media Manager has become one of the most popular business areas in social media industry but what is a Social Media Manager and what do they do?
Social Media Manager is the person who manages the social media accounts of a company or a person. Social Media Manager provides the management of all stages such as the planning and organization of the content and images to be prepared and published in relation to social media.
The duties of a Social Media Manager, who can work independently or affiliated to an institution, are as follows:

Managing the company’s accounts in all social networks,
Playing a role in the development of creative content to be created for social accounts on behalf of the company,
Paying attention to the effective use of the investments made by the company in social networks,
To ensure the use of this data in the process of creating new events by measuring, evaluating, and reporting the volume of events on social media,
Developing solution-oriented approaches that will increase the efficiency of other campaigns by reading all the data obtained,
Analyzing the work of competitors and creating new events in line with trends in order to improve the operation of the company’s social media accounts,
Helping the use of innovations that will benefit the company by learning the operation of all tools used in social media,
Creating new strategies by planning for social media events.
Being able to shape perceptions and direct awareness can mean that as a social media manager, your company’s voice in the online world comes together with your competencies and works wonders. As a Social Media Manager, you should be deciding not only what to say; but how, where, and when to say it. Therefore, if you are a Social Media Manager looking for a job, it is very important that the resume and cover letter you submit when applying for a job should put you a few steps ahead of other candidates.

Keep these in mind while preparing a perfect Social Media Manager resume:

Showcase your experience in successful social media management roles.
Be specific about your roles, areas of expertise, and detail how you worked and what you accomplished.
Include keywords, technology, and certifications in the job posting.
Format each section so it can be easily scanned and add the most relevant information first.
Use the “About Me” area to market your Social Media skills and achievements.
Don’t make it feel like a marketer but be confident and relate your experience to the job description requirements.
However, be sure to have references and teaching examples available in case a hiring manager asks for it.
Remember that your CV is easy to read in PDF format, and name it with your name and surname, including the date you applied if necessary. Sample; Jason_Smith_21062022.pdf

Social Media Manager Resume Example

Here is a Social Media Manager Resume example that can be useful for you:

Jason Smith
Social Media Manager
Spring Valley, NY
[email protected]

Career Objective
Social media guru with nearly five years of social media managing experience. Ready to bring this energy and commitment to a company like Scatterplot Entertainment Co.

Work Experience
Social Media Manager
Hudson Creative
New York, NY

Developed a social media platform to engage different customer segments on Instagram,
Used Photoshop to create compelling visualizations,
Created video content for TikTok,
Created and scheduled social media posts across Instagram and TikTok,
Established regular monthly reporting of social media metrics.

Social Media Manager
Ruckus Marketing Services
2016 – 2018

New York, NY
Generated content ideas for some social media accounts,
Prepared weekly and monthly social media plans in line with the strategy,
Managed sharing processes,
Produced and implemented creative social media campaigns,
Followed the interaction of brands and took the necessary action,

William Paterson University

September 2012 – May 2016
Wayne, NJ
GPA: 4.0

English (Native)
German (Intermediate)
French (Beginner)

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok,
Sprout Social, Hootsuite,

Google Analytics, Google Docs, Google Sheets,

Data analytics,
Efficiency and top-notch organization
Traditional and digital marketing
Customer care
Making connections
Public speaking

Digital Marketing Training, Dreams Academy – June 2019
Developing a Social Media Strategy, New York University – August 2018
Digital Marketing and Social Media Management Certificate Program – Udemy
Effective Presentation Techniques
Computer Operator Certificate – 480 Hours

Hobbies and Interests
Learning languages

Michael Beasley
Hudson Creative
450 5th Ave
New York, NY
[email protected]

If you think you have completed the resume process, another important point to accompany is the “Cover Letter”. In other words, the e-mail letter you create by adding your resume when applying for a job. Cover letter is as important as your resume and plays an important role in whether the resume is read or not. The cover letter should generally be written in a professional language, as it may vary depending on the job you are applying for.

Social Media Manager Cover Letter Example

Here is a Social Media Manager Cover Letter example that can be useful for you:

Jason Smith
Social Media Manager
Spring Valley, NY

[email protected]

June 21, 2022

Dear Miss Anniston,

As someone who is obsessed (yes, obsessed) and quick-thinking with the Scatterplot app, I was thrilled to see you open a position for Social Media Manager at Scatterplot Entertainment Co.

With over four years of professional experience as a Social Media Managing, I have analyzed user metrics, run A/B tests, tracked engagement data, and spearheaded viral social media campaigns. I am confident that my adaptability, hands-on branding experience, and encyclopedic knowledge of memes will make me an excellent team member for the team at Scatterplot.

Currently in my Social Media Manager role at Hudson Creative, I am managing and running highly successful online brand campaigns. Over 4 years, I have increased our user engagement metrics on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat by over 165% on average. Besides that, I regularly produce viral content and make a few of our branded tweets stand out on major websites. In one such case, I tweeted a series of cute corgis using the Hudson Creative’s iOS app – I got over 60,000 interactions and earned a spot on the front page of Buzzfeed.

I am extremely competitive, up to date on the latest trends, and I can clean up even the most complex social media issues. I am confident that my ability to create clickable content will make me a valuable member of the Social Media team at Scatterplot.

I look forward to discussing the Social Media Manager position and qualifications with you in more detail. I am available to interview as soon as possible and will contact you next week to make sure you receive my application!

Best regards,
Jason Smith

Tip: If you follow our suggestions, you are ready to land your next dream job. Best of luck on the job hunt!

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