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1. Hereby privacy policy is valid for all users benefiting from the services of the web site addressed and of the mobile application (hereinafter referred to as CVLOGIN) belonging to Cvlogin company registered to this address; Küçükbakkalköy Dist. Rüstemağa St. D Plaza B Block 34750 Istanbul, Turkey, plus this privacy policy is an indivisible, inseparable and integral part of the user agreement. 

2. With the purpose of protecting the privacy of visitor, served users, who join the site or mobile application, in individual and corporate senses, and of getting service ideally, CVLOGIN adapts hereby security and privacy policies. These policies are related to collecting, using, processing and transmitting the data that provided by users or visitors to the website or mobile applicarion.. Provided that the use of CVLOGIN  websites or mobile applications by Users shall be deemed as User’s acceptance of this Privacy Policy and in the event that they disagree, they must not use the servicess.

3. CVLOGIN is a platform for the people to create and share or send out resumes(CV forms) and to receive services in this direction. According to Turkish  laws No.  5651, CVLOGIN  is a hosting provider. Therefore, CVLOGIN, will not be responsible for the Members and users’ content or illegal activities that they share with each other or on their profile, via website or app. CVLOGIN  is not responsible  for such content or illegal activities according to Law  No 5651.

4. All information provided by the users  with registering, using the services or via surveys and forms including CV formswill be protected by CVLOGIN with the latest and the most developed technologies. Also, there are some taken precautions for privacy and security of the data and information  obtained, and regular tests are being performed. Thus, CVLOGIN provides a  high level of data protection against possible attacks and data theft attempts

5. Users accepts and declares that by choosing to share their CV forms with any natural or legal person, institution or with any third party websites of their own accord; they agree that  CVLOGIN may save the information on CV forms, process or use them for statistics or share with third parties.

6. Accessing to accounts of users are protected by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. SSL technology takes on two main tasks such as identity validation and link encryption, between the server and user's internet browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and others). All information uploaded by users are held in Netdirekt Data Centre that has ISO-27001 Information Security Certificate.

7. CVLOGIN will not share any individual and corporate information or data that are provided by users via the web site or mobile application with third parties except for the purposes specified herein.

8. User accepts and declares that CVLOGIN can share the personal information, portfolio situation, demographic information with its participations or affiliate inhered in,  only for publicity, advertisement, campaign, promotion, announcement, etc. purposes. CVLOGIN commits that while sharing these kind of information, it will be attentive to secure the benefits.

9. CVLOGIN can communicate with users via e-mail, SMS or telephone, can send permitted bulletins, can make permitted marketing, can communicate and send commercial messages  on behalf of third parties, and can collect data from these communication activities for statistics as regulated by law. User accepts that by being a member or by accepting this agreement; CVLOGIN, has a right to send commercial electronic messages and communicate with them via these ways.

10. CVLOGIN enable users to stop or withdraw data sharing that they allowed,   to opt out of receiving marketing communications, to exit from the system free and easily, and in this direction it declares and undertakes to present easy and understandable tools.

11. With the purpose of describing and solving the possible system problems immediately on the web site and mobile applications, when it is necessary IP addresses, other contact information, and  the saved data in the user account in  social media, can be saved and be used by CVLOGIN for the above mentioned purposes. These information can be used for the purpose of generating demographic data comprehensively and identifying the users in general terms. Internet traffic data saving  obligations that are specified by the law no. 5651 according to Turkish Law and the related regulations are reserved.   

12. CVLOGIN can provide links to third party websites through the website or mobile application and redirect users. It can share the advertisements, application forms, announcements, surveys of third parties which had an agreement with. CVLOGIN will not be held responsible for  the  privacy practices and security policies of third party sites and/or mobile applications and any   content they contain.

13.Users are responsible for the security and privacy of accounts and passwords, the backup of the data while benefiting from the services. Otherwise, CVLOGIN is not responsible for damage or loss of any data.

14. Though all taken precautions about site and mobile applications by CVLOGIN, if it gets attacked and personal information gets damaged, CVLOGIN cannot be held responsible  for the damages or loss.

15. Name and surname of the user, title, address, phone number, e-mail address and all individual/corporate information for identifying user will never be disclosed with third parties except the obligatory cases that are required for service fulfilment and determined purposes. Exceptional situations of this case are presented below:

a. Situations fulfilled the legal obligations in-laws in force and international agreements that are effective in the domestic law as well,

b. Situations on implementation and fulfilment of the agreement requirements between users and CVLOGIN,

c. Demand of the information of users in due form in accordance with investigation or observation implemented by administrative authorities and/or judicial authorities,

d. Situations where giving information is required due to protect the rights and security of the users.

16. CVLOGIN commits to keep the confidential information of users confidential and private, and keep them as a secret. With the hereby statement, commits to take technical, legal and administrative precautions and to do its part as elaborate.

17. CVLOGIN, reserves the right to make changes in wages policy about the services. If user buys a product or service through the site or mobile application, personal data and credit card information are not saved by CVLOGIN, they are sent to the bank directly. CVLOGIN uses the information about payment only for invoicing the service or the product to the user. These personal data are protected by SSL Secure System by CVLOGIN to prevent to being captured, and will not be shared with anybody or a corporate unless user wants otherwise, and with a noncompliant purpose.

18. Only user can access and change the information given to an electronic commerce website. If the user protects his/her personal information secured, it is impossible someone to reach and change these information. For that purpose, during the membership procedures, users move in the 128-bit SSL security area. This system is an international encrypting standard that is impossible to be breached.

19. CVLOGIN can acquire information about the site and mobile application use, and IP or social media account user data via cookies which are technical communication files, the user accepts that these are saved automatically. Technical communication files called cookies serve for gaining information about how many people use the internet site with temporal proportioning, with which purpose a person visits the site, how many times a day, and how long they stayed online, and they are data files used and designed for being helpful to create advertisement and content with dynamic variety from the user pages specially designed for the users. If they wish, users can always change the settings of their browser for not to get cookies or to get warning when this kind of file is sent.

20. Applications such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords can gather information like page amount, visit time and target completion number from the cookies in the browser of the users anonymously to make measurement or listing. In situations where these information are not wanted to be collected, users can stop the use of cookies from browser settings.

21. By answering periodic questionnaires arranged through the website or mobile application, users accept that these data that they provided can be used for direct marketing to users, to do statistical analysis, and to create a database by CVLOGIN and people that are in cooperation with it.

22. In accordance with the law no. 6698 according to Turkish Law on Processing Personal Data, activities on CVLOGIN, personal data of users are processed in conformity with procedures and principles stipulated in the regulation On the condition that the personal data are directly related to drawing up a contract or its performing to provide service in the name of CVLOGIN, also they are processed due to necessity of processing personal data's of contracting parties.

23. User accepts that s/he got informed by hereby agreement that is about with which purpose, how and where personal data will be used, and accepts the data determined within hereby agreement can be used by CVLOGIN with determinate purposes.