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User Agreement



BEFORE USING CVLOGIN'S WEBSITE, MOBILE APPLICATION, AND SERVICES, PLEASE READ TERMS OF USE CAREFULLY. You can get other information about services through website and its mobile application from Frequently Asked Questions section or

By using the services offered and/or visiting site and its mobile application; you accept you have the right of concluding an agreement, authorisation, and legal capacity in pursuant of the laws you affiliated and/or the power of attorney on a legal entity and you accept you have read and comprehended this agreement and you are bound by the terms herein. Otherwise, CVLOGIN does not accept responsibility because of using unauthorized and without legal capacity.


The hereby agreement is arranged between the (hereinafter referred to as CVLOGIN) registered to the address; Küçükbakkalköy Dist. Rüstemağa St. D Plaza B Block 34750 Istanbul, Turkey and the party that visits the website and its mobile application and who benefits from the services (hereinafter referred to as 'User'). The hereby agreement specifies the use of the internet site addressed and the mobile application belonging to CVLOGIN, services that will be got from the site and mobile application, and the liabilities of the parties.


a. "SITE": It is a web site that is addressed as where the several services and contents are offered in the frame that is determined by CVLOGIN, and that is a web site which is possible to access online.

b. ‘MOBILE APPLICATION': Refers to software that is downloadable for all mobile devices though the application stores, and where services and contents are offered online by CVLOGIN. 

c. USER: Refers to natural and legal people -that may be a member or not- accessing online through the site or mobile application.

d. LINK: It is the link enabling the access another web site, files, content or access from another website to 'SITE' or the mobile application through the 'SITE' or 'Mobile Application'.

e. CONTENT: Refers to any kind of shared and accessible information, file, image, figure, price, etc.. and visual, literary and audio images through the "SITE", mobile application and/or any web site or mobile application.


a. User can create a CV (curriculum vitae) by entering the information to the CV form templates on CVLOGIN site or mobile application. The user can save the CVs to the platform presented in the site, can view later, can make changes, and if they wish, can download to his/her computer/device in PDF format.

b. The user can create a page where the CVs can be shared on CVLOGIN site or mobile application. The user can set everybody to see his/her CV, or make it seen by the limited people who have URL address, or can make it completely secret. However, if the user allows everybody to see the shared CVs on this page, the user accepts that the personal information on the CV can be seen by everybody on internet visiting the page, and it can be listed on the results on the search engines.

c. User accepts that the necessary permissions are gotten for publishing the contact information, name, and the title of the third parties or foundations that are on CV and given as reference, and related permission are taken for these information to be seen by everyone when it is shared on another platform via site or mobile application, or on the site or mobile application, and accepts that CVLOGIN will not be responsible for the losses to be incurred in the presence of user or third parties.

d. If wishes, the user can upload a CV that is not created on the site or mobile application in word or pdf format to the site or the mobile application account. In such a case, user accepts that user allows the personal information on CV to be published and to be seen by third parties, also accepts if something on the CV violate third parties' rights in any way, in case it includes a content, that is immoral or illegal or punishable, user will be the responsible for all in person.

e. User accepts that all the information on the CV form that is created, shared and saved on the site or mobile application are true, current, complete. Otherwise, CVLOGIN has no responsibility for any harm.

f. In case user shares personal information including but not limited to name, address, phone, date of birth, photograph, etc. on the CV on the site or mobile application, accepts that these data will be kept private and secure by CVLOGIN. However, user accepts that; 1) Data belong to her/him, 2) User has right to share these data, 3) If data contain a different person or foundation data, required permission are taken and user is responsible for that, 4) If users share their CV as public on CVLOGIN website/mobile app, accepts  this CV can be seen from everyone or other users; furthermore if user  share or send out their CV via CVLOGIN to any third party platforms/mobile apps , these data on CV can be seen by third parties or foundations, 5) The responsibility is on the user if these data are abused by a third party or foundation except CVLOGIN, 6) User allows CVLOGIN to save, use and process these information for statistics only, and cannot demand compensation and make litigation action against CVLOGIN. 

g. The user can upload a photo to the photo section on the form that is created through the site or mobile application by the user, or if the user  give permission to CVLOGIN to make a connection with another site or mobile application, the user can use their  photograph on the third party sites. User accepts that, the photo on CV can be seen by everyone in case of being shared on third party sites or being open for everyone, and allows that, CVLOGIN cannot be held responsible for the losses to be incurred, and CVLOGIN is not responsible for the photo to be used without permission by third parties or foundations.

h. The user has all responsibility for the photograph on CV or the photograph on the site or mobile application. In that; including but not limited to these items; user accepts that 1) This photograph belongs to him/her, 2) Has legal right to use, 3) Photograph does not belong to third parties or does not violate any third party's right in terms of work right, 4) Photograph is not against the applicable law or public morality, 5) User will not run any advertisements, campaigns, political propagandas by using the photo, 6) Photograph does not contain any content of a message, brand, logo or writing, 7) Photograph does not contain any pornographic element, 8) CVLOGIN has no obligation to control these contents according to the Turkish Law, number 5651, 9) Otherwise all responsibility to be incurred is on user.

i. User accepts that the CV created through the site or mobile application is prepared for him/her, otherwise, all responsibility is on user in case of using a third party's data, or loss to be incurred due to any other reasons, or if the third party demands compensation, user accepts that user will be responsible if CVLOGIN incurs any losses with this reason.

j. The user accepts that s/he has right to publish the personal data used on the CV created on the site or mobile application, necessary permissions are taken from the third party or foundation if it involves any data belonging to them, otherwise the user is responsible for the loss to be incurred.

k. If the user shares contents, that are against the law in force or the public morality, on the CVs created on the site or mobile application platform, if user commits violation on third parties' personal right, intellectual industrial and commercial property rights or copyrights, or right of privacy with the CV content, if makes political propaganda in CV text, if advertises or campaigns openly or gives the impression of them in CV text or on profile page, CVLOGIN reserves the right of terminating the membership, and demanding compensation for losses to be incurred. Also according to the Turkish Law, number 5651, CVLOGIN is a hosting provider, and is not responsible for  the content created by users including CVs, and has no controlling obligation for contradiction to the law.

l. While signing up for CVLOGIN through the site or mobile application or to download the CVs on his/her computer, the user can be offered to sign up options with his/her third party site or mobile application account. In such a case, the user accepts that the third party social media account that user is about to login belongs to him/her. Furthermore, CVLOGIN is not responsible for the password, account, and data security policies  of   any third party sites and mobile applications. If the user signs up in this way, accepts that user gives  CVLOGIN   permission to access user’s public profile data on the account at the third party sites and mobile applications.

m. When the user accepts the options offered about the CVs, that are created through CVLOGIN, to be shared on another website, the user is deemed to have accepted that the CV, which user created and approved, can be shared on that site on user’s own accord

n. If user gives consent to data and information on the CV form presented on CVLOGIN to be taken from another third party site offered as an option by CVLOGIN, when accepts this option, user accepts CVLOGIN can access the profile information on the third party site, and the data can be transferred to the CV form on CVLOGIN.

o. User accepts that CVLOGIN has the only authorization to determine the downloadable formats of the CV's on the site or mobile application.

p. User accepts that user has the responsibility to back up the CVs prepared on the site or mobile application. CVLOGIN cannot be incurred responsibility on this topic.

q. User accepts that CVLOGIN cannot be made responsible for any data loss while using the site or mobile application.

r. User accepts that user allows CVLOGIN to record the CVs prepared. And cannot demand for a right, case or compensation contrariwise.

s. User accepts that if User share the CV on the CVLOGIN profile page, data such as who views  and how often views the CV  can be provided by CVLOGIN to User, and CVLOGIN does not give guarantee on the precision and trueness of these data, being visited by third parties does not mean there will be business connection or there will be a contact with this person, and such, his/her name can be shown to these people in case of visiting the CVs belonging to another person, and agree that CVLOGIN is not responsible for these activites.

t. User accepts that the only authority to decide on services, and tools to be paid or be free on the site or mobile application is CVLOGIN, and  such amendments will be affective as of the date they are published on the site, and it is user’s responsibility to follow up them. User, by continuing to utilize the services provided, shall be deemed to have accepted such amendments CVLOGIN can always change the wages policy and prices of current services and tools that are paid or free on the site or mobile application.

u. User accepts that, in case of offering services or all membership paid on the site or mobile application, and if accepts, payment can be made on the site or mobile application with credit card -credit card belonging to user- and does not violate somebody’s rights, otherwise, user is responsible, and at the stage of providing credit card information while payment on the site or mobile application, these data will be directly sent to the bank without being saved by CVLOGIN, but knows that within the scope of Turkish Law No 5651, CVLOGIN keeps the obligatory log records, and  if  the payment is not received by CVLOGIN, user cannot start performing paid service in any way.

v. By buying a paid service on the site or mobile application, user accepts that this service is an instant performed, and according to the Turkish Law Number 6502,  on the Protection of the Consumer, and the Regulation on  Distance  Selling Contracts, there is no right of withdrawal for the instant performed services, thus there will be no refund in case user renounces buying the service, and accepts that User is being fully informed about the right of withdrawal.

w. When the user buys a paid service on service fulfilment, if the service fulfilment has not started yet, the user can demand a refund within 14 days from the signing of the contract. However, to use this right of withdrawal, service fulfilment must not be started, and service must not be gotten yet. Even if the service is not gotten, the right of withdrawal cannot be used when this time is up. For using the right of withdrawal, the user must contact with CVLOGIN from the "Contact" section on the site/mobile application.

x. User accepts that  if there is the ‘Make one click application with CVLOGIN’ button on the third party site or on a third party mobile app, by clicking on it, user will fill in only CVLOGIN account information and  so CVLOGIN can send the user’s previously saved CV on CVLOGIN system, directly to the related application unit of that site via email or with the formats within CVLOGIN API. In this case, user gives consent to data, CV and data on CV will be sharing with those third parties for this purpose and all the responsibility to be incurred is on the user.


a. CVLOGIN is a platform that offers necessary tools and services to users for creating CV. The hereby agreement regulates the rights and obligations of both parties.

b. The user accepts that they shall be solely responsible for the losses to incur due to wrong and deficient misinformation they provided during the registration process.  After signing up, personal information can be seen by other users to the extent permitted by the user.

c. User accepts in advance that s/he cannot demand compensation against CVLOGIN for loss to be incurred due to using the contract services.

d. User is only responsible for the contents that are added by him/her through the site or mobile application. CVLOGIN is not responsible for these contents to be viewed or used by third parties on the internet.

e. CVLOGIN does not guarantee to users/members to find target employment opportunities, does not guarantee that CVs will be accepted, does not guarantee that they will be successful with these information and data, or they will generate an income with the CVs created on the site or mobile application or via the site, or with the information gotten from the site under no circumstances. As it is irrefutable, user benefiting from these services in this respect, cannot demand any material and non-material losses.

f. User accepts that CVLOGIN is not responsible for the material, and non-material losses that can be originated by mixing or misperceiving the features and options of the services offered paid or free through the site or mobile application.

g. It is forbidden to use the site and mobile application belonging to CVLOGIN, to insult, threat, swear, obscene, pornographic, to promote or infix illegal activities, cultural, prejudicial for ethnic and relevant, malevolent, with the purpose of attack, making political, religious propaganda that violates the third parties' or foundations' rights, and using them against the law and public morality principles, and being engaged in activities that are against the copyright rules protected within the limits of the law, and unfair competition. CVLOGIN not as an obligation but reserves the right of deleting the content shared by user and the right of terminating the membership of  this user without announcing, the right of sharing relevant information about the user with the legal authorities with their demand. It is deemed that the user is solely responsible for the legal and criminal responsibility in such cases.  

h. All technical and other activities that will make site and the mobile application belonging to CVLOGIN put out of commission, that will cause a loss of software and hardware, or that will cause services and services on the site or mobile application to slow down heavily are forbidden, and if these kinds of activities are found, CVLOGIN has the right of terminating the membership of the user operating these activities, and user undertakes to cover the loss to be incurred due to that. 

i. Interfering the software codes and reverse engineering are forbidden. Copying, using and quoting without permission are forbidden.

j. CVLOGIN is the only authority to decide binding and certain decision on ending the membership -if the user has- if there are cheat, abuse of rules, or doubt of breach of these rules.

k. In cases where the membership of the user is suspended by CVLOGIN or when it is revoked by the user, membership information will be kept in accordance with the legal obligations by CVLOGIN. 

l. User accepts, declares and undertakes that user is responsible for the all activities on the account, cannot transfer it to third parties or foundations, for the otherwise losses to be incurred user is responsible, user cannot object or make of plea that transactions are made beyond his/her knowledge, and will not evade the obligations due to these reasons.

m. By buying a paid service through the site or mobile application belonging to CVLOGIN, users that buy service with online payment accept that the credit card is not used unlawfully, and if otherwise, actions will be taken according to terms of rule and regulation on bank cards and credit cards.


The user can dismiss the terms of use whenever they wish, and can end the accepted will on this topic. If there is a service that is paid, the refund cannot be demanded on membership cancellation. In case of violation of one of the stated items or conditions in these terms of use, CVLOGIN can modify, suspend, terminate immediately, or stop the some or all accounts, services, access to the site or mobile application without the obligation of notification prior, and CVLOGIN is not responsible for the losses to be incurred for these reasons, or cannot accessing the account signed up with.


a. User accepts that the name, address, and other personal information given while signing up for the CVLOGIN through the site or mobile application are true and current, or else s/he has all the responsibility, and CVLOGIN is not responsible for the loss to be incurred. Otherwise, CVLOGIN has the right of unilateral cancellation, and to demand the compensation for damage without the need for any warning and notice.

b.  In case of providing links and channellers to the internet sites ran by third parties, through the site or mobile application of  CVLOGIN, CVLOGIN does not guarantee the trueness and trustability of the services/contents/informations on those sites belonging to third parties. Therefore, CVLOGIN is not responsible for the information, services, contents and operators on those third party websites or mobile apps.

c. User is supposed to protect the privacy and the security of the accounts on social network platforms, and the saved password, and account information on CVLOGIN. Otherwise, CVLOGIN does not accept responsibility.

d.  User accepts that all the responsibility is on the user for data backups if required on the activities performed through the site and mobile application, and  CVLOGIN cannot be held responsible for any data loss due to use of the site.


a. Name, surname, e-mail and other information given while signing up for CVLOGIN site or mobile application are the personal information, and CVLOGIN accepts all personal information of users' as secret. Precautions taken for the privacy and security of personal information of users by CVLOGIN, data collected with the demographic purpose, and intended purpose of these data, privacy policies with third parties, detailed information about cookies are arranged on the 'Privacy Policy' shared on the mobile application and the site, and it is an indivisible, inseparable and integral part of hereby agreement. Also, you can reach CVLOGIN from e-mail address for your questions on this topic.

b.  According to the Turkish Law, number 5651, it is an obligation to save the regulatory information of users and activities on periods specified by the laws for CVLOGIN.

c. In accordance with the Turkish Law No. 6698, Law on Processing Personal Data, personal data of users are processed in conformity with procedures and principles stipulated in the regulation. On the condition that the personal data are directly related to drawing up a contract or its performing to provide service in the name of CVLOGIN, also they are processed due to necessity of processing personal data of contracting parties.

d.  User accepts that by being a member or by accepting this agreement; CVLOGIN, has a right to send commercial electronic messages and communicate with them to inform users about campaigns on services, similar announcements, opportunities and special offers, VIA SMS OR E-MAIL.


a.According to the Turkish law Number 5651, 'Law on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Suppression of Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publications' CVLOGIN is not a content provider due to its property, CVLOGIN is not responsible for the contents on the site and the mobile application, and has no obligations to control their compliance with laws. For the correspondence between users, comments and contents shared by users, users are responsible, and CVLOGIN has no obligation to control these.

b.If user shares a content or comment on the site or mobile application or to other users, user that shared the content is responsible for these. As a result of sharing, posting or sending such contents; if any losses to be incurred by violating a person's or a foundation's copyright, personal right or a right protected by a law in force, CVLOGIN does not accept responsibility in case of demanding compensation by third parties or foundations. Also, CVLOGIN is not responsible for containing imperfect knowledge on the CVs created through the site or mobile application, not being accepted for employment, success to reach employment target, and trueness of data input on the CV forms or not procuring the expected result, and situations of being incurred a loss due to using these CVs and for the losses to be incurred because of these reasons.

c. CVLOGIN pays all the attention to offer services to its users continuously, faultlessly, and safely. CVLOGIN is entitled to stop its existing services for a reasonable time for technical maintenance,  unavoidable internet outages and other requirements For the losses incurred due to system maintenances, inconveniences occurred on internet usage due to technical fault or force majeure (power cut, substructure problems, natural disasters etc.) occurred uncontrolled, due to not taking precautions against the virus and malware on the user's computer, or not having necessary material/device or internet connection for using the site/mobile application, and for the material, non-material losses or loss of earnings and/or data loss due to cuts because of reasons beyond CVLOGIN's control, CVLOGIN cannot be regarded as responsible.


a. Registered or non-registered intellectual property rights such as title, company name, brand, patent, logo, design, codes, information, file, form, text, graphics and methods on the site or the mobile application belong to CVLOGIN or specified relevant, and under the guard of national and international law. Benefiting from the services or visiting hereby site or mobile application gives no rights on relevant intellectual property rights.

b.  For replicating, translating into another language, keeping or processing the information on the site or the mobile application, a written permission and consent must be taken from CVLOGIN. A part of or all of the site or mobile application cannot be used on another website without permission.

c. No article, material or images on the site or mobile application can be copied without permission, they cannot be replicated, and cannot be published without permission. Member or user cannot be involved in an activity that is an unfair competition with CVLOGIN under no circumstances, otherwise, they will be considered responsible for all losses.

d. If users share a content on the site or mobile application, they are deemed to  allow these contents to be seen on the search engines, and to be shared, published, replicated by CVLOGIN without any commercial purpose.

e. User accepts that all rights belong to them on their CVs that are created through site or mobile application. However, they accept that they give consent CVLOGIN to get, to use for some researches, analyses, and to create certain standards, and to process by using data used on CVs, and they cannot demand otherwise. 




c. CVLOGIN, under no circumstance, gives no guarantee of job, finding a job, profit, income, revenue to any of its members or users, and does not give guarantee to mediate for any employer or worker or person or companies, and does not give guarantee for the other expectations.


In case, any clauses or one or a part of inseparable attachments -if there are- of hereby agreement become invalid, rest of the clauses continue to survive. If hereby agreement is published in different languages, and if disputes occur among different languages, Turkish version will be taken as a basis.


CVLOGIN can make changes, can cancel, can suspend and can restrict the access to the every kind of information, document, form, content, design, site and mobile application terms, services and tools that are on the site or mobile application without notice and at any time. In such a case, it does not accept any responsibilities, and cannot be imputed compensation. All the changes that are made enter into force by publishing on the site and mobile application, and they are considered as accepted by the ones using site and mobile application.


Hereby contractual obligations may not be performed due to force majeure such as natural disasters that can not be foreknown by the parties, fire, explosions, civil wars, riots, strike, lockout, infrastructure and internet failures, and electric cut-outs. In such a case, CVLOGIN does not accept any responsibilities for the obligations that could not be performed until these cases end, and cannot be charged with compensation. Also, if an attack is carried out by third parties to the system despite all information security precautions are taken by CVLOGIN is in the scope of these cases. If force majeure last more than 30 days, parties can terminate hereby agreement unilaterally, and without compensation.


Parties accept that the addresses on hereby agreement are their addresses in use legally, and all notifications under the agreements will be made via e-mail. User will inform CVLOGIN if legal notice address of the user changes in five days at the latest, if e-mail address of the user changes, user will inform CVLOGIN in one day at the latest. Otherwise notices and posts to the existing addresses will considered as valid and legally made.


For all the disputes that occur between the parties due to hereby agreement; according to Turkish Law No  6100 on Code of Civil Procedure section 193, book, records and files, correspondences on computer and electronic environment and faxes will be accepted as final and binding evidence, and the user hereby accepts that he/she is not allowed to object against these records.


Disputes that may occur between the parties due to hereby terms, will be settled by peaceful means primarily. If the parties fail to agree, Turkish Law and Laws of Republic of Turkey will be deemed valid on the resolution of disputes. For the settlement of all kinds of disputes to born from the application and interpretation of this contract between the parties , Istanbul (Caglayan) Courts and Execution Offices will be authorized.


These terms of use enter in force when shared on the site. By using the site and mobile application, users are regarded as accepted. CVLOGIN always reserves the right to change and update terms herein, the wages policy and services by means of announcing on the site or mobile application, and is the only authority on this topic. In the event that users disagree, they must not use the services.