How to Write an Effective Resume

24 June 2022 —

professional experience, which means a description of what you learned and how much of it, your experience in applying your knowledge in real work and employments and where you can demonstrate your potential.

Your resume is a presentation that expresses your skills, your educational background and your professional experience, which means a description of what you learned and how much of it, your experience in applying your knowledge in real work and employments and where you can demonstrate your potential.

The degree of professionalism of your resume will get you hired, while a simple resume will cause you to drown in the crowd of applications.

The company viewing your resume should be able to clearly see your career goal in this document. The information in the resume should be in a parallel structure with the position applied for.

So, how should a resume be written for it to be effective?

Here are the points you should pay attention to:

  1. The prepared resume should be understandable,
  2. Typos are a clear no go and must be avoided by all means,
  3. Your CV should eideally follow a reverse chronological order should be followed,
  4. Long and repetitive statements should not be used, information provided should, clear and you should stick to the truth and not bend it,
  5. There should generally be a photo of yourself which should have a formal and professional appearance, in some countries like the US photos are not required and should not be part of the CV
  6. The CV should be written in the third person singular,
  7. Make sure you fill in your contact information completely.

What Should Be Uncluded in the Resume?

Presenting resume of high quality means standing our against other applicants. Therefore, the structures that should be included in every effective resume should be known and a resume should be created accordingly.

We have compiled a list of all the parts of an application that are necessary for you to get invited for an interview and get the job you want:

1. Cover Letter:

The most important element that should be included in the application is the cover letter. Every employer focuses on the cover letter before looking at the resume. Since it is a very important element, you should express yourself and your career goals clearly.

Thus, it will be easier for you to get the job. Make sure to use honest and sincere language and use simple expressions.

2. Contact Information:

The part where you will write the contact information should be at the beginning of your resume. Your phone number, e-mail, and full address must be included in this part. Make sure the e-mail address you use is official. It must contain your name and surname correctly. The best place for this information is at the bottom of your photo.

3. Photo:

Photo is a must-have element in a resume in most countries. Resumes without photos habe a negative impact on the employer. In most cases, it is also possible to be discarded without review. The photo in the resume should be an official image. You should not use photos where your face is not completely clear or taken from the above or from very low angle.

4. Education and Experience

You should follow a reverse chronological order when adding your education information to your resume.

You should add the start and end dates of your education. In addition to this, include internships you might have done. You should also use this reverse order in your work experiences.

Provide short and clear information about the position you worked in in the past.

5. References

Another part that the employer pays a lot of attention to is the list of references. It is therefore recommendable to brief the people you will add as references that you are doing so and to provide information about their positions and the contact information of these people. Or add that you are willing to provide this information on request, but make sure you have it and these people are informed about it.

6. Certificates

In addition to the education and work experience you have received, you should list trainings and seminars you have attended.

In particular, this trainings and seminars you have successfully attended in the context of your professional career. The more relevant these are to your position you apply for, the more it will attract the attention of the employer.

7. Foreign Language and Computer Skills

Adding your knowledge of foreign languages to your resume will keep you ahead of other applicants. You may asses the level of your knowledge by rating them on 5 or 10 scale. Make sure you add your speaking, writing and comprehension skills separately.

If there is any foreign language test result, it should be added and uploaded along with the name of the exam. This will be a proof of your language knowledge. In addition, you should provide information about your computer skills. It will be very valuable for you to add computer programs that you are familiar using.

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